Thracian Manual Ground

Thracian Manual Ground - 18 kHz

Weight: 2.000 Kgs
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Thracian Manual Ground -  18 kHz metal detector

With free coil protector

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This detector is suitable for use in trashy areas /where there are lot of iron objects near each other/ . ​Thracian Manual Ground metal detector has an excellent recovery speed which makes possible to detect small coins near iron. A special cable made of high quality andwith common shield, designed to provide for greater mechanical strength and extended product life of the coil, strong boxes of ABS are providing perfect balance and quality. Very light middle and lower stems, made from 100% carbon. Search coils are made of ABS plastic. Its lower end is covered with epoxide resin, which adds strength and hermetic seal to the whole construction.   



Search coils:




Detech 12x10"SEF 



Made by Golden Mask



Search frequency: 18 kHz

VLF TR technology

Motion System

Adjustable sensitivity

Two tone discrimination or one tone discrimination

Manual soil compensation

Led for charging the battery

Rugged ABS plasticchassis

Weight: 1.3kg 

3-piece steel made of aluminum and carbon

Power consumption: minimum consumption

35 mA/65 mA maximum power consumption

Supply voltage: 12V Over-charging (for 30-50 hours)

Including batteries

5 years electronics warranty



thracian_manual_ground [PDF, 773.05 KB]
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