DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE Metal detector

DETECH SSP 5100 PULSE Metal detector Pro pack

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A PI frame detector with a real discrimintaion!!!


– Super fast tuning to the ground

– Bigger display with higher definition, with more precise graphics

– More sensitive, better detection depth

– More functions, but extremely intuitive and easy for operation

– The microprocessor tracks and controls all functions

The PRO package contains

– Control box with internal rechargeable battery

– Leather holster for the control box

– Rectangular frame 1x1m, 1.5×1.5m or 2x2m coil with discrimination (fitted with a magnetometer)

– 220 VAC charger for the internal battery

– Emergency external charger(fitted with 8 AA battery slots for powering the control box, very useful in situations where the internal battery gets discharged and you don’t have access to the power grid or you do not have time to wait for the internal battery to charge)

 Solid, quality carrying case

– *18" discriminating search coil with S-shaped handle 

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