Golden Mask

Golden Mask "One" 24 kHz metal detector

Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: GM_ONE_24-1

Golden Mask "One" 24 kHz metal detector for gold

  • Search coil:
  • GM ONE with::
  • Headphones:


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The brand new 2018 Golden Mask model "ONE". Very easy to use with only couple (most important) operations:

- 24 kHz with two frequency modes (for minimizing interference)

- Gain switch (up to 30)

- Iron volume (up to 7)

- Volume control

- Backlight switch

It's a turn and go detector suitale for absolute beginners and more advanced operators.

Box contains:

- detector

- search coil with coil cover

- charger (optional)

- 10 x batteries (optional)

- headphones with batteries cover (optional)


5 years electronics warranty

2 years warranty of the search coil



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