Minelab GO-FIND 60

Minelab GO-FIND 60

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Minelab GO-FIND 60 metal detector


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Step up to the power and performance of the GO-FIND 60. With precision control and maximum depth, you'll be an expert in no time. Start searching for treasure today!



Pack a GO-FIND for your next trip, it’s awesome fun for everyone!

"The new GO-FIND metal detector is so simple a 5 year old can understand how to use it. Yet the performance driven features will have adults fighting for their turn." - Minelabber 

"Coin and relic hunters will marvel at the sensitivity of the compact fold-up GO-FIND. The GO-FIND will be an enormous hit with competition coin hunters, who demand fast processor speeds and spot on accuracy when it come to pinpointing a target." - Minelab field tester

Rated: 8.8/10 by Independent Tech Review - BustedWallet.com



Unfold the possibilities

The GO-FIND detectors are lightweight and collapsible. The search coil is fully waterproof, so you can find treasure on land and in water.

Retracting detector with simple 1-button press

Length to suit everyone in the family

Powered by 4 x AA batteries


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Everyone can GO

The GO-FIND is easy to use, simply press the FIND button to select from search modes, and go detecting. It’s awesome fun for the whole family.

Intuitive user interface

One button selects target types

Effortless touch button design



Everyone can FIND

Whether you are searching for coins, jewelry or treasure. Discoveries are right beneath your feet with audio & visual alerts. It’s that simple.

Green LEDs indicate non-iron metal (silver) | Red LEDs indicate iron target (nail)

Visual icon flashes detected target

High tone for high value metal target | Low tone for iron target


Search-MAX Choice

The GO-FIND 60 is a Search-MAX choice.



 Easy to use [4 modes]

 Deep treasure

 Treasure View LEDs

 Large waterproof coils

 Smartphone Pro App

 Earbuds included

 Digging tool included

 Smartphone holder included


(In your iPhone App Store or Android Google Play, search minelab GO-FIND)

Identify common coins 
Remote control your detector
Record finds on Google Maps
Play music and more... 
GO-FIND APP - In-app Help & Tips]

There's one for everyone


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