New Golden Mask 5+ (Power box) with wireless headphones

DEMO/Used Golden Mask 5+ (Power box) with wireless headphones

Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: 0010111-4

Demo/used Golden Mask 5+ metal detector

With free coil protector 

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Golden Mask 5 + metal detector


with 10.5 Waterproof DD Search Coil 

/Used s for demonstration purpose only/


This is the new, improved version of Golden Mask 5. The new 5+ Power box metal detector has better depth of detection, long lasting batteries, improved sound, improved discrimination, rain and dust resistant electronics box.
It will increase the depth of detection with 20-30% for coins and relics and up to 50 % for coins lying on the edge.
This metal detector will find gold, coins and relics on places that you have previously been.Golden Mask 5 + is a dual-frequency metal detector . You can work on 8kHz when searching for big targets, buried deeper in the ground or on heavy soil (mineralized). The 18kHz frequency is sutable for searching in rich of iron pollutions places or for detecting gold nuggets. The display has a spectrum VDI and a targets ID in numbers. It will help you to identify targets without to dig them out.. The new Golden Mask 5+ model comes with lon lasting batteries. With it the detector can be used for a 13-14 hours continuous work. 
Golden Mask 5 + metal detector is equipt with a telescopic stems, made from carbon fibre. The telescopic carbon can be assembled/disassembled quickly and is comfort to be transported. 





Technical data:


- Dual Operating Frequency 8-18 kHz


- Power box (increasing the deoth of detection with 30%)

- Rain and dust protected electronics box

- Regulated depth of discrimination 

- Spectrum VDI with graphs and numbers

- Ground Balance - Auto/ Manual Ground Adjust

- 100% Carbon telescopic shaft

- One search coil

- Weigh: 1.3 kg with batteries

- Wireless Headphones - WS 105

- Lpng lasting batteries

- Smart charger

Free batteries cover, coil cover

- Warranty of electronics - 5 years




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